Most of us are well aware of the big decisions we have made and the significant impact those decisions have had in our lives. 
Such as The decision on attending Uni, the decision to go for an overseas trip, the decision who to date or get married to, the decision of putting down payment for a first house, the decision to take on a new job,... all these decisions had and might still have a significant (positive or negative) impact in your life. 
These decisions define a big part of our happiness and success. 
But what about the many little decisions in your everyday life? 
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You might not be so much aware of the great impact of all the little decisions in your everyday life. John Wooden said this about everyday decisions: 
"There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. 
so keep in mind, that every choice you make, makes you." 
The overall wellbeing of your body and soul comes down to all the little decisions you make. They define our: 
Financial security 
Self-love/ self-esteem 
You are exactly there in life where you are right now, because of all the big and small decisions you made along the way. It was your choice to go the ways you did. No one else's. 
Maybe you feel satisfied with where you are right now - or you might think 
'What have I done! My life is messed up and I haven't achieved anything of what I wanted.' 
It is never too late to draw the line, focus and move on to a better place in life. 
To make clear and successful everyday decisions, you need to get clear on a few things. 
1. Your Vision 
Get clear on what your vision in life is. Specify it even more, by breaking it down into smaller areas in your life such as family, friends, profession, health, finances... 
What do you want to achieve in these areas? 
Write it down and go over it a few times, to make sure it is what you want. 
Read over it daily and make it your habitual way of thinking and feeling 
2. Set Goals 
When you know your vision and what you want to achieve, you need to know how to get there. You need to set goals. 
Again, we can break it down to make it achievable for you. 
daily goals 
weekly goals 
monthly goals 
yearly goals 
5/10 or even 20-year goals 
It is essential, that the Goals you set to be successful, are 100% manageable by You and no one else. You will fail when you set goals that wait for your outer world to be perfect and exactly right so you then might be able to succeed. You have to be in charge and able to succeed for yourself. 
3. Recognise That You Have a CHOICE 
I'm sure you heard or even said it yourself: 'But I have no choice. I Can't change it.' By not making a decision and staying in the situation you are in ( if you like it or not) it is still your choice to do so and it might have a significant impact in your life. You always have a choice to go either way in the decision you make for your future. 
4. See the Big Picture 
Often we underestimate the small decision on an everyday base. 
Making a one-time decision to replace the chocolate with a healthy piece of fruit will not change your life... but making this wise decision over and over again, will eventually bring your desired outcome. 
It's the little decisions that will help you move forward and be successful in achieving the goals you set in step 2. 
5. Don't Give Up 
Often we have the best intentions, but sometimes it does not go as planned and we experience setbacks and frustration. We feel like a failure! 
You might struggle to find the motivation to climb over that next hurdle by yourself... but let me tell you, we have all been there. You are not alone. 
Talk to a close friend, your spouse or a mentor or a coach - someone who genuinely loves and supports you in achieving your goals and does not walk the path alone. 
Forgive yourself and move forward. Don't beat yourself up for the set back you experienced. 
Don't give Up! 
Stay Strong - Stay Hungry 
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